23mm * 30mm Magnetic Float Ball

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sanlo
Certification: ISO9000
Model Number: Customer-Made
Minimum Order Quantity: 500
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Box
Delivery Time: 10days-30days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Detail Information
Standard: National Type: Customer-Made
Shipping Mark: Customize Applicable Medium: Water
Color: Polishing Magnetic: Yes
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stainless steel float ball


metal ball float

Product Description

Polished Magnetic Float Ball For Liquid Tank Level Switch 23*30mm

Good Float For Level Switch,Customize 23*30 Float Ball From Sanlo Company







       The bracket float is a custom-made float, not a conventional float. It is because the customer needs a short bracket to support it. According to the valve itself, a float is required. The customer needs to provide detailed drawings, media, and work elements. The installation dimensions of the valve body, etc., as far as possible detailed parameters, have our technical engineers to design a float that meets the customer's requirements according to the combination. The minimum number of such custom floats is 500.



Our common magnet materials:


      The ferrite magnet is a permanent magnet that is mainly made of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3. Developed by Youshang Magnetic Company very early, ferrite magnets are hard and brittle and have lower magnetic energy than other permanent magnets. However, it is not easy to demagnetize and is not easy to corrode, and the production process is simple and inexpensive. Therefore, the ferrite magnet has the highest output in the entire magnet industry and is widely used in industrial production.


     In the production of actual ferrite magnets, raw materials with good chemical composition sometimes do not necessarily obtain ferrite magnets with good properties and good microstructure, which are caused by physical properties. The physical properties of the listed iron oxides include average particle size APS, specific surface area SSA and bulk density BD. Since the iron oxide accounts for about 70% of the MnZn ferrite magnet formulation, its APS value has a great influence on the APS value of the ferrite magnet powder. In general, the APS value of the iron oxide is small, and the APS value of the ferrite magnet powder is also small, which is advantageous for accelerating the speed of the chemical reaction. However, considering that the fine particles of the powder are not conducive to the subsequent pressing and sintering, the APS value should not be too small. Obviously, when the APS value of the iron oxide is too large, in the case of calcination, since the particle diameter is large, only the diffusion reaction of the spinel phase can be performed, and the grain growth process cannot be further performed. This inevitably leads to an increase in the activation energy required for sintering, which is not conducive to the solid phase reaction.


Working principle:


    The float ball level gauge has simple structure, convenient debugging, good reliability and high precision. It is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, viscous, dirty media, asphalt, waxy oils and other flammable, explosive, corrosive and other media. Continuous measurement of liquid level (boundary). The float level gauge can be used for industrial level measurement and control of various liquid tanks such as petroleum, chemical raw material storage, industrial processes, biochemistry, medicine, food and beverage, tank management and underground storage of gas stations. The float level gauge is also suitable for dam water level, reservoir water level monitoring and sewage treatment, etc.

    The float switch is a liquid level control device with simple structure and convenient use. It does not need to provide power supply and has no complicated circuit. It has the advantages of smaller volume and longer working life than general mechanical switches. As long as the material is selected correctly, any liquid or pressure and temperature can be used. It is obtained in the shipbuilding industry, generator equipment, petrochemical industry, food industry, water treatment equipment, dyeing and finishing industry, hydraulic machinery, etc. A wide range of applications.


Normal type Technology:

Dimensions ΦA×B×ΦC Material Pressure (Mpa) Temperature S.G Magnetic flux(MT) Weight (g)
Φ45×50×Φ15.5 316L 1.0 -100~200 >0.60 60±5 26±1
Φ45×56×Φ15.5 316L 1.0 -100~200 >0.50 60±5 ±
Φ49×50×Φ15.5 316L 1.0 -100~200 >0.50 40 60,100 27±1 32±1
Φ51×61×Φ15.5 316L 1.0 -100~200 >0.50 60±5 42±1
Φ65×90×Φ25 316L 1.0 -100~200 > 100±5  
Φ65×111×Φ25 304 1.0 -100~200 > 100±5  
Φ30×Φ9.5 316L 3.5 -100~200 >0.80 40±3 7.5±1
Φ52×Φ15.5 316L 2.5 -100~200 >0.55 60±5 32±1
Φ75×Φ23 304 2.5 -100~200 >0.50 60±5 98±3
Φ125×Φ23 304 2.5 -100~200 >0.50 60±5 315±5


                                             23mm * 30mm Magnetic Float Ball


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Q:If 'I' want small quantity and fast delivery. Which way of shipping is advised ?
A:By express.

Q:What's the lead time ?
A:If in stocks,2days;or ,it will take 7-15days,depend on the quantity.

Q:Can I have a visit to your company before the order?
A:Sure,welcome to visit us.We are waiting for you in Wenzhou city,Zhejiang province,China



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23mm * 30mm Magnetic Float Ball



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