Magnetic Steel Liquid Level Float Ball, 42*45 316L Float For Switch

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sanlo
Certification: ISO9000
Model Number: Magnetic Float
Minimum Order Quantity: 200
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Box
Delivery Time: 10-20days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T
Detail Information
Custom Processing: Yes Surface Treatment: Polishing
S.G: 0.5 Working Pressure: 1.0MPA
Shipping Mark: Customer Delivery: 10days-20days
High Light:

stainless steel float ball


mechanical float

Product Description

                      Magnetic Steel Liquid Level Float Ball, 42*45 316L Float For Switch






       The float level gauge consists of a float ball, a plunger, and the like. The float level gauge is mounted on the top of the container through the connecting flange. The float floats on the liquid surface according to the principle of discharging the liquid volume phase, etc. When the liquid level of the container changes, the float ball also moves up and down, due to magnetic action, floating The reed spring of the ball level gauge is magnetically attracted, and the liquid level position is changed into an electric signal. The actual position of the liquid is displayed by the display meter, and the float level gauge is used to achieve the long-distance detection and control of the liquid surface.


Technical Parameters:


Dimensions ΦA×B×ΦC Material Pressure (Mpa) Temperature S.G Magnetic flux(MT) Weight (g)
Φ38×26×Φ9.5 316L 1.0 -100~200 >0.50 40±3 10.5±1
Φ40×35×Φ15.5 316L 1.0 -100~200 >0.60 60±3 24±1
Φ45×50×Φ15.5 316L 1.0 -100~200 >0.60 60±5 26±1
Φ45×56×Φ15.5 316L 1.0 -100~200 >0.50 60±5 ±
Φ49×50×Φ15.5 316L 1.0 -100~200 >0.50 40 60,100 27±1 32±1
Φ51×61×Φ15.5 316L 1.0 -100~200 >0.50 60±5 42±1
Φ65×90×Φ25 316L 1.0 -100~200 > 100±5  
Φ65×111×Φ25 304 1.0 -100~200 > 100±5  


            Magnetic Steel Liquid Level Float Ball, 42*45 316L Float For Switch


Application areas:


The float level gauge has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient debugging, good reliability and high precision. The float level gauge can be widely used for continuous measurement of liquid level (boundary) of high temperature, high pressure, viscous, dirty medium, asphalt, waxy oil and other media such as flammable, explosive and corrosive. The float level gauge can be used for industrial level measurement and control of various liquid tanks such as petroleum, chemical raw material storage, industrial processes, biochemistry, medicine, food and beverage, tank management and underground storage of gas stations. The float level gauge is also suitable for dam water level, reservoir water level monitoring and sewage treatment.



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Magnetic Steel Liquid Level Float Ball, 42*45 316L Float For Switch



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