UK PM to make 'bold offer' in final Brexit deal push

May 20, 2019


British Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday pledged to make a "bold offer" in her final bid to push the Brexit deal through the parliament.


In an article published on The Sunday Times, May said a "new and improved" deal on Britain's exit from the European Union (EU) will be presented to the members of the parliament when they vote on the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill in early June.


May said she will "not be simply asking MPs to think again" on the same deal but on "an improved package of measures that I believe can win new support."


May's pledge came amid the Brexit impasse after MPs repeatedly rejected her Brexit deal over the past months.


The opposition Labour has said it will vote against the bill.


The prime minister has promised to set a timetable for her departure from 10 Downing Street following the vote on her deal.