The difference between the float trap

March 12, 2019



The minimum subcooling degree of the float trap is 0 ° C, which can discharge the condensed water at the saturation temperature. There is no water in the equipment, which can make the heating equipment achieve the best heat transfer effect. The inverted submerged trap has a minimum subcooling of 3 to 5 ° C and intermittent drainage.


The free float trap has only one high-precision grinding float as the moving part, and the float floats on the liquid surface during operation. When the condensed water is small, the float ball descends with the liquid level. Under the pressure difference between the trap and the trap, the float floats to the valve seat to seal the valve hole. The entire spherical surface of the float can be a sealing surface, and its service life is affected by the accuracy of the float. The contact surface of the valve body of the inverted bucket type steam trap and the valve seat works frequently, and the switch collides once, the wear is relatively fast, the connecting parts are relatively large, and the service life is generally 8000 to 12000 hours.


The free float trap must have an automatic air exhaust to avoid airflow and prevent water hammer. The bucket of the inverted bucket trap is open, so it is not afraid of water hammer.