Single for 10 years! The most lonely water frog "Romeo" is expected to "off the list"

January 19, 2019


The most lonely water frog in the world is expected to end single! The "Romeo", which lived in a museum in Bolivia for 10 years, was once considered the last Swinsky water frog on the planet. Recently, the expedition team discovered another five of its kind, and selected a female water frog "Juliet", ready to "missing" with it.


According to reports, in 2018, "Romeo" was registered on the online dating site account "acquisition", accidentally attracted global attention, and because of this, I hope to "dismissal" hope.


On the page of, a natural history museum in Cochabamba, Bolivia, was awarded $25,000 in cooperation with the Global Wildlife Conservation Agency. The zoologist Camacho led the frog expedition through the Bolivian rainforest in December 2018. Look for the female West Winx water frog trail.


Because the water frog lives in the water, the human eye is not easy to see, Camacho and the expedition team must reach into the stream to find out, the result is nothing to make the expedition team tired and disappointed, on the verge of giving up and retreating back to the camp, and finally decided to go to another end It is the stream of the small waterfall that touches luck.


Camacho finally saw a leapfrog 4 meters away from the waterfall and finally found a male Xiwinx water frog in good condition.


This major achievement made the expedition team excited and hopeful. The next day, another four West Winx water frogs were found in the same place, two males and two females, among which the female water frog named Juliet was in Perfect for reproduction.


Juliet and the other four water frogs are currently in isolation until laboratory reports confirm that they do not have frogs.


Scientists know how to raise the water frogs of the West Winks, and now they must learn how to make them flourish, and worry about the lively and outgoing Juliet and the slightly overweight and introverted Romeo not calling.