Shanghai imposes household garbage sorting regulations

July 2, 2019



A set of regulations on household garbage sorting has taken effect in Shanghai Monday, with more than 600 notices for rectification being issued to individuals, companies as well as institutions on the first day.


A five-star hotel, located in central Shanghai, was given the first notice on Monday morning for failing to throw its trash into the proper bins.


The city's law enforcement departments have inspected nearly 1,600 communities, over 400 enterprises and organizations, over 1,800 shops and 21 hotels, issuing a total of 623 rectification notices for violating the newly introduced household garbage sorting regulations, according to the Shanghai Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau.


The city also published a name list of 20 social supervisors of household garbage management on the same day, who will randomly check the sorting of garbage in residential communities, hospitals and schools, as well as the transportation of garbage in the 16 districts of Shanghai. More social supervisors will be recruited in the future.


"Shanghai will further strengthen supervision of the public environment and strive to eliminate violations of laws and regulations in the process of household garbage sorting," said Deng Jianping, director of the Shanghai Landscaping and City Appearance Administrative Bureau.


Citizens are encouraged to participate in the supervision and report violations through hotlines and online platforms, Deng added.