Mechanical Trap (1)

April 8, 2019



Free float trap

The free float trap has a simple structure, and there is only one stainless steel hollow float ball with a moving part in the inside. It is a float and a starter, no fragile parts, and has a long service life. The YQ trap has a Y series automatic inside. The air exhaust device is very sensitive and can automatically discharge air and has high work quality.
When the equipment is started, the air in the pipeline is discharged through the Y series automatic air exhaust device. The low temperature condensed water enters the trap. The liquid level of the condensate rises, the float rises, the valve opens, the condensate is quickly discharged, and the steam enters quickly. The equipment and equipment are rapidly warmed up, and the temperature-sensitive liquid of the Y-series automatic air-discharging device expands, and the automatic air-discharging device is closed. The trap begins to work normally, and the float moves up and down with the condensate level, blocking steam and draining. The valve seat of the free float trap is always below the liquid level, forming a water seal, no steam leakage, and good energy saving effect. The minimum working pressure is 0.01Mpa, and it is not affected by temperature and working pressure fluctuations from 0.01Mpa to the maximum operating pressure range, and continuous drainage. It can discharge condensed water with saturated temperature, the minimum subcooling degree is 0 °C, and there is no water in the heating equipment, which can make the heating equipment achieve the best heat exchange efficiency. With a back pressure of more than 85%, it is one of the most ideal steam traps for production process heating equipment.


Free semi-float trap

The free semi-float trap has only one semi-floating ball barrel as the moving part, and the opening is downward, and the barrel is the opening and closing member and the sealing member. The entire spherical surface can be sealed, has a long service life, can resist water hammer, has no wearing parts, no faults, is durable, and has no steam leakage. The back pressure ratio is more than 80%, and the condensed water can be discharged at a saturated temperature. The minimum degree of subcooling is 0 ° C. There is no water in the heating equipment, which can make the heating equipment achieve the best heat exchange efficiency.
When the device is just started, the air in the pipeline and the low-temperature condensate enter the trap through the launch tube. The bimetal evacuation element in the valve bounces the bucket, the valve opens, and the air and low-temperature condensate are quickly discharged. When the steam enters the barrel, the barrel generates upward buoyancy, and the temperature inside the valve rises, the bimetal venting element contracts, the ball floats to the valve port, and the valve closes. When the steam in the bucket becomes condensed water, the bucket loses buoyancy and sinks, the valve opens, and the condensate is quickly discharged. When the steam re-enters the barrel, the valve closes again, intermittently and continuously.