Float Ball Debugging

November 21, 2018

       The float level switch only needs to recalibrate the water line before we install it. The switch itself cannot be adjusted. At this time, the state of the switch is measured with a multimeter, and the water level is turned on and off in the vicinity of the waterline, which indicates that there is no problem. Just ensure that the water level line of the thermal equipment is the same during the installation process. For example, the liquid level switch of SOR is generally attached to the water level line on the wall of the tube. We soak the switch in the water tank and slowly sink, so that the water surface gradually approaches the marking line. When it is closest, it will hear the micro switch action. the sound of.
        It should be noted that the operating temperature of the high-level liquid switch is high, and the water temperature inside is also high; the density of high-temperature water is lower than the water density at room temperature. Therefore, the action line of room temperature water is lower than the switch mark line.
        The liquid level low alarm is connected to the normally closed (NC), and the liquid level is high and normally open (NO). This type of switch is not difficult to install. The liquid level switch itself will have two or more pairs of micro-switches, which respectively output two pairs of normally open two pairs of normally closed contacts, which are usually "on alarm" when applied.