Antifreeze and frostproof magnetic float level gauge

September 30, 2019

Antifreeze and frostproof magnetic float level gauge


Antifreeze and frost proof magnetic float level gauge, which is a magnetic float derivative designed for measuring cryogenic liquids.


Since the meter is used for low temperature measurement, new requirements have been put forward from the material of the steel to the selection of the valve. The filler in the jacket is different from other magnetic float level gauges.


In the liquid level measurement, the medium below 0 °C can make the surface of the container frost, so that the frost layer covers the surface of the container, so the liquid level of the low temperature medium cannot be measured by a general magnetic float level gauge. The anti-freeze and frost-proof magnetic float level gauge solves the frost protection problem according to the principle of temperature gradient in physics. That is, when a material that transmits temperature contacts a low temperature source, the farther away from the low temperature source, the temperature is closer to the ambient temperature. The transparent plexiglass fins mounted on the meter are based on this principle, and the actual liquid level displayed by the magnetic float can be seen through the plexiglass fins.