316L Material Water Tank Level Float 0.8mm Thickness 2.5Mpa Pressure

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sanlo
Certification: ISO9000
Model Number: customize
Minimum Order Quantity: 500
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Box
Delivery Time: 30days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Detail Information
Special: Customize Delivery Time: 20-30days
Main Material: 316L Use Place: Switch
HS Code: 9032900090 Main Country: European And American
High Light:

sump pump float ball


cistern ball float

Product Description

customize switch float ball with the handle 80*50 from Sanlo company with the top quality








    This product is the cover of the valve. It is our old customer who wants us to help. The customer provides the drawings and technical parameters. We will help you to verify and modify it later. After confirming with the customer, we will produce a sample and send it to the customer for confirmation. After the final confirmation, the customer will start the final production. Before leaving the factory, we will check the appearance of the product to ensure that it is delivered to the customer.


The difference between two common magnets:


     A ferrite magnet is a metal oxide having ferromagnetism. In terms of electrical properties, ferrite has a much higher electrical resistivity than metal and alloy magnetic materials, and has a higher dielectric property. The magnetic properties of ferrite also exhibit high magnetic permeability at high frequencies. Therefore, ferrite has become a non-metallic magnetic material widely used in the field of high frequency and low voltage. A non-metallic magnetic material is a composite oxide (or orthoferrate) of ferric oxide and one or more other metal oxides. The magnetic force is usually 800-1000 Gauss, which is often used in speakers, speakers and other instruments.
    The advantages of NdFeB magnets are high cost performance and good mechanical properties. The disadvantages are low Curie temperature, poor temperature characteristics, and easy chalking. It must be adjusted by chemical composition and surface treatment. Improvements can meet the requirements of practical applications. NdFeB is a third-generation rare earth permanent magnet material. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and strong magnetic properties. It is the best magnet with the best performance-price ratio. It is known as the magnetic king in the magnetic field. The advantages of high energy density make NdFeB permanent magnet materials widely used in modern industrial and electronic technology. In the bare magnetic state, the magnetic force can reach about 3500 Gauss.


Working principle:


     The float level gauge is a magnetic float ball as a measuring component. Through the magnetic coupling action, the resistance inside the sensor changes linearly. The change of the resistance is converted into a 4~20mA standard current signal by the smart converter, and the percentage of the liquid level can be displayed on the spot. 4~20mA current and liquid level value, remote transmission supply control room can realize automatic detection, control and recording of liquid level. The meter is suitable for the sewage treatment of petroleum, chemical, electric power, light industry and medicine industries and the measurement of medium liquid level in various atmospheric and pressure vessels, especially for the liquid level measurement of underground storage tanks and storage tanks.





Shape Dimensions ΦA×B×ΦC Material Thickness(mm) Pressure(Mpa) Morphology Connection Type
  Φ70×36×Φ16 304 316L 0.8 2.5 Character/Polishing  
Φ80×41×Φ16 0.8 2.5 Character/Polishing
Φ110×42×Φ16 0.8 2.5 Character/Polishing
Φ146×56×Φ18 0.8 1.6 Character/Polishing
Φ170×68×Φ18 0.8 1.6 Character/Polishing
Φ225×80×Φ25 1.0 1.6 Character/Polishing
Φ278×128×Φ30 1.2 1.6 Character/Polishing
Φ325×105×Φ30 1.2 1.6 Character/Polishing
Φ375×141×Φ30 1.5 1.6 Character/Polishing
  Φ150×70×Φ16 316L 1.0 3.2 Character/Polishing  
Φ190×105×Φ16 1.2 2.5 Character/Polishing
Φ240×125×Φ22 1.5 2.2 Character/Polishing




Float switch

Level controller

Level gauge magnetic flap


exhaust valve

float valve

level gauge

pneumaatic diaphragm pump


316L Material Water Tank Level Float 0.8mm Thickness 2.5Mpa Pressure


Our biggest advantage:


In addition to our nationally leading cesium mass spectrometry testing equipment, we can ensure that 100% of the quality products are not leaked. What's more, we have our own second inspection. The factory ensures the technology of the products, but we also guarantee that Before delivery, there is a special person to check the appearance of the product. If there is a trace of it, we will immediately return to the factory to provide a product that is aesthetically pleasing, so as to ensure that the products that arrive at the customer are all boutique products. And after the test, we will give a second test report to the customer to ensure our high product quality.




Testing :



Our testing equipment is a helium mass spectrometer. It is the first in China to use this equipment to detect floats, so that the floats that our factory goes out are 100% leak-free. In addition, after the factory quality inspection, we will also carry out The second test, mainly to check whether the appearance of the product is uneven, to ensure that our products go out are all fine, we can say that our quality testing is the first or second in China. After 2 tests, we will send a test report to the customer, which is listed below.


316L Material Water Tank Level Float 0.8mm Thickness 2.5Mpa Pressure


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